Bubble Mailer, Ice Blue, #0 6x10"

Bubble Mailer, Ice Blue, #0 6x10"

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Ice Blue only color available at this time.

This HOT PINK (they may look a bit purple to some) poly bubble cushioned lined envelopes with metallic bright and shiny exterior.

External Size: 6.5" x 10" Inner Size: 6.4" X 9.125" USABLE SPACE.

Mailers will come in a poly mailer. Can ship in a flat rate box for additional cost.

AIR CELLULAR CUSHIONING LAYER - Superior Cushioning bubble material protect your shipment. With new technique (each bubble is protected by 5-layer film, no leak in 1 year), offer a better protection to your items, and it is light, thin and more durable.

COMPACT ADHERSION - Self-stick stamps and labels adhere easily and securely
RELIABLE & TAMPER-EVIDENT SEAL - The self-seal closure provides a reliable, tamper-evident seal to secure all enclosure, while being opaque, the exterior film creates a crisp, professional image for your company to grab your customer's attention. They provide the ultimate protection for your mailing.

DURABLE & MOISTURE-RESISTANT - The poly bubble mailers are unique, lightweight padded mailers made from a DURABLE,MOISTURE,MULTI-LAYER BLEND of polyethylene film. The film is laminated to a resilient, cushioning bubble material for added protection with exceptional puncture resistance, tear strength, and cushioning performance.