Pencil Pop Sucker Sticks

Pencil Pop Sucker Sticks

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Use with hard candy sheet molds to make lollipops that will fit on the end of a pencil!

To use: Place the pencil pop into the stick channel of the mold with pointed end toward bowl of mold. Pour hot candy into mold.

Use pencil pops instead of sucker sticks!

Completely cover "stick" part of pencil pop with the chocolate/coating.

Place filled candy mold with pencil pop in freezer. When candy is set up, remove molded candy from candy mold.

Hanging onto the pencil pop, not the candy, gently twist the eraser end of a pencil into the pencil pop.
Great for hard candy suckers too!

Choking hazard: use caution with young children.
Full length is 2" | Diameter: 1 1/4"