Sweetener Oil for Lip Gloss Balm
Sweetener Oil for Lip Gloss Balm

Sweetener Oil for Lip Gloss Balm

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Add a burst of flavor and sweetness to your lip gloss balm with our liquid sweetener oil! Unlike regular flavor oils, our concentrated food grade fragrance oils not only smell divine but also add a delicious taste without compromising safety. Transform your lip balms, body butters, and massage oils into a truly indulgent treat with our sweetener oil.

To blend with other flavor oils: Add 1-3% to enhance the essence of your other flavors. 

To sweeten your unflavored creations: Add 2-4% in your unflavored blends.

INCI: Flavor (Includes essential oils, natural extracts & artificial flavors).

Applications: Oil based products such as lip balm, lipstick, butters, waxes, lip jellies, lip scrubs, etc.

Usage rate: up to 50% in all lip applications mentioned

Clear, colorless liquid. Vegan, Soy free, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Cruelty free, Alcohol free, Phthalate free, Aspartame free, Formaldehyde free, Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free, Oil soluble

Shelf life: Minimum 1 year
Flash Point 200F

*Vial picture is just a visual sample to give you an idea of size.