Vitality Culinary Kit by Young Living - Choose your options

Vitality Culinary Kit by Young Living - Choose your options

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Vitality Culinary - Choose your option

This kit has been broken down and sold by piece in the event you only need the utensils, bowl, rack, book, etc.


Young Living Vitality essential oils make it simple to boost flavor, and this kit introduces ways to utilize Vitality oils in everyday foods. It also includes two dozen recipes to get you started on a more flavorful culinary journey. The Vitality Culinary Cookbook features recipes for every occasion, including Thai-style lettuce wraps, cheesy sweet potato bites, blueberry-lavender ice cream, and a host of delicious dishes and tantalizing treats. Once you see how much better the world tastes with essential oils, you’ll want to give Vitality a permanent spot in your spice cabinet.


    Refer to individual product labels for usage instructions.


    Refer to the Vitality Culinary Cookbook for specific usage.


    • Stainless steel mixing bowl with silicone lid
    • Four stainless steel and silicone utensils (whisk, spatula, scraper, serving spoon)
    • Vitality Culinary Cookbook
    • Bamboo oil rack
    • Vitality Oils - 6 pc set: Cinnamon Bark Vitality, Lavender Vitality, Orange Vitality, Oregano Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Rosemary Vitality.
    • Or buy the FULL Young Living Vitality Culinary Kit which includes all of the above.